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Michael Braga


Michael Braga was born in the city of artists and writers: Calcutta. Here he spent his formative years before coming to London in 1987. After two decades as a marketer, Michael's need to write led him to City University's year-long Novel Studio Program in 2010, where he began his first novel, which he describes as an homage to Calcutta.


Ali Lewis



Indefinite leave to Remain

I took out the old BOAC travelling bag, my mother had owned, and unpacked my posessions once again.

One set of smart, given to me by JR (Jewish Relief association from the temple) consisting of one checked shirt-untorn and unspat on, and a pair of English, Farah, brown polyester trousers.

In addition, I had:

Two stained shirts.
One muddy hemmed trouser.
One Smash Hits, with Style Council on the cover.
A Bejam plastic bag, filched from next door and ironed flat.
A C&A bag; ditto.
A bound Ledger, (belonging to Terence).
Gold Sheaffer pen, (also belonging to him).
One small jar of Sulekha, Fountain Pen ink.
Business Correspondence Pitman's Shorthand textbook, (belonging to my mother, copy marked 1969).
Lined note book, (handwritten Portuguese food recipes, belonging to dead Mrs. D'Costa).
Grolier stationery pad and brown envelopes (he had filched from his office, when they had thrown him out).

From my tin box inside the bag, I took out my most important valuables:
A Star of David pendant.
My official papers (in order: two birth certificates – one Indian, one English – and one death certificate – Indian).
Four photographs.

David Solomons is convinced his destiny lies in the land of his mother's birth: England. Featuring a cast of colourful characters, and full of the sights, sounds and smells of the city, Michael Braga's first novel is a homage to the great city of Calcutta even as David struggles to escape from its clutches.