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Sairish Hussain


Sairish Hussain was born and brought up in Bradford, West Yorshire. She studied English Language and Literature at the University of Huddersfield and progressed onto an MA in Creative Writing where she began working on her first novel. Sairish is currently pursuing a PhD after being awarded the university's Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship.


Ellen Wiles



The Family Tree

Rich and textured, honest and entirely captivating, The Family Tree is the story of one ordinary family – and how it's the extraordinary moments that define us all.

A year after his wife's death, and Amjad's mother believes it is time he remarried. He can't look after two small children by himself. His cooking skills are dismal – he throws ketchup in the curry instead of tomatoes, and is utterly hopeless at browning the onions. His mother keeps nagging him, especially when she sees baby Zahar's nappy on the wrong way round.

On top of everything else, Amjad needs to prepare Saahil for secondary school. His best friend, Ehsan, will be there too. The pair of them are inseparable, as are their families. Together, they will shield each other from a hostile world.

As they grow into young men, Ehsan and Saahil have big plans: they are going to work hard, go to university, get jobs and leave their terraced streets behind. But one devastating night changes things forever.

As dreams fall apart and relationships fracture, Zahra must be the one to take charge. She is no longer the baby of the family and Amjad looks to her for comfort. Will she have time for her own aspirations, or will the consequences of a broken home overshadow her future?

There's no such thing as an easy journey. But when life sends the family in different directions, will they take their own paths – or find their way back to each other?

The Family Tree is the story of a British Muslim family full of love, laughter and resilience as well as the faults, mistakes and stubborn loyalties which make us human.


'Poignantly paints the extraordinary in ordinary lives. A brilliant first book from Hussain.' The Sunday Post

'An evocative portrayal of love and family.' Ayisha Malik

'Invites you in, not as a stranger but as a family friend. I loved it.' Katie Fforde

'Hussain weaves a tale of fragility and resiliance. A wonderful debut.' Catherine Mayer

'Both unflinching and full of hope; the writing is compassionate and true.' Stephanie Butland

'One of the best new books by black and POC authors in 2020.' Cosmopolitan

'Top Book Releases To Look Forward To In 2020.' Bustle

'Top 10 Books by British Asian authors to look out for in 2020.' Asian Image


The Association of Foreign Spouses